Lake Sakakawea | 10/10/16

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Oct 10 2016
Went Out: 
6:00 AM
Got Back: 
8:00 PM
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Went salmon fishing for the first time this last weekend. We hit up some of the bays in the state park. First day we had some wind and they seemed to hit floating crank baits and spoons, but most of the action was just before sunrise to about an hour after sunrise. During the day it was a little slow but still had some takers. Then right before before dark they were hitting really well on salmon eggs under a bobber. 

Second day started out with snow so we didn't do the morning fishing. Got out mid afternoon and the fishing was slow. Got a few hits on eggs, but missed them. There was little wind during the day, but the fishing right before dark was good thanks to a little breeze that finally started. All and all two days of fishing produced 14 nice salmon ranging from 3 to 9 lbs. Lots of fish jumping and swimming by. Awesome sight to see for the first time. Great memories!