Jiffy Model 30 "an older model 30"

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Jiffy Model 30 "an older model 30"

I have a Jiffy Ice Drill Model 30. it is an older version with a black gas tank and the tank is what I am having a little trouble with. It tends to leak gas around the lid where it screws on. Is this a problem with the tank or maybe the lid. The lid has been replaced in the past and I can't find a replacement tank. Does anyone have a solution or know where I could find a different tank? It runs great, it just leaks. Thanks.

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I had the same problem with mine a few years ago. I replaced the cap and all is well. I got it at scheels in fargo.

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i think i am just going to order a brand new replacement cap and hope for the best with it. thanks.

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I heard if you have a choice between the metal or plastic cap, the plastic one prevents leaking better.

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ive had 3 jiffys and ALL 3 have had the gas caps leak.  I got sick of replacing the caps so now i screw on the cap then tie on a rag!

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do you think puting some teflon tape around the threads would help at all or would the gas break it down?

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mine leaked from day one.just fill it half full and have extra gas with you

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Had my Jiffy for over 20 years (with the old steel cap).  The cap is bent all to crap and it still doesn't leak.  I must have got a good cap, but I do know plenty of others who owned a Jiffy that the cap did leak.  You used to be able to pick them up at Fleet Farm in Fargo - Probably Scheels and Gander Mountain also.


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I also saw replacement gas caps at Runnings in Biswmarck earlier-haven't looked lately-good luck!

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I have the plastic tank and plastic cap. It leaks but what I do is simply put a thin piece of plastic on the threads and screw on the cap. I use the plastic to and from the lake and take it off when I drill my holes.

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Try making a new gasket

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I agree with AR try making a new gasket or put some kind of o-ring on it. My came from the factory with metal gap and it slid forward in the truck and smashed in the vent. Bought a new plastic one and believe or not they seem to seal better and be a little sturdier.

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Mine leaks also, half full tank will still drill a bunch of holes, I have also wrapped the cover in a regular plastic sandwich bag and and screwed it on and that seems to help some.

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Purchased my jiffy several years back and never have liked the thing. It was the year the epa set some new reg's (the unit is yellow) and the carb on it was crap and took several visits to the fixn shop to get it right. after that seemed to cut alright but noticed last year up in canada that it took for ever to get through the ice. almost seems like it was not kicking into the higher gear properley. Any experiences out there? Conidering ending its career and going with a smaller cut as well this one is 10"

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i'd try the new gasket idea.  heck, first i'd make sure you even have one in your current cap.  i fixed my leak 5 years ago w/ a gasket.  was missing mine.  another buddy didn't have his either and that solved his problem.  and yet another one had a crack in his.  a new one fixed that problem too.  good luck. 

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If you have a good gasket, the threads don't matter as the gas can't get by the gasket to get to the threads.  Buy a new rubber to cork gasket or buy some gasket material and make your own.  Make sure it's not a solid gasket so it can breath when you open the little breather screw in the center.  You need a gasket similar to the shape of a washer, as in a hole in the center of the gasket.

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