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Ice fishing spear

by , Posted to on 12/02/2010 6:46 PM | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 12/16/2001
Location: ND
I was thinking of making a ice fishing spear and was wondering what type of materials,size, and where to buy the materials? Also is there anybody that could post a picture of there homade spear to get some ideas on how to make one? 
Re: Ice fishing spear
by on 12/02/2010 7:22 PM | Reply #1 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 07/27/2002
Location: ND

Check the web for tackle sites, there should be some pic's of spears to go by.

Re: Ice fishing spear
by on 12/02/2010 8:06 PM | Reply #2 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

Joined: 02/04/2003
Location: ND
Bud I've made several homemade spears and the last works great. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow and post it. It is made with drag(harrow) teeth and a peice of 1/2 in by 2 in strap iron. Drag teeth hold a very good point. Use to put white barn tin in the bottom of the hole for a background and if you hit to hard the spear tines will easily go through it. Have had it for 20 years and it's almost as sharp as the day I made it. Harold
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Posted On: 12/02/2010 6:46 PM
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