Ice Castle or Grand Lodge???

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Ice Castle or Grand Lodge???

Looking at buying an 8X16 ice house and not sure of which one to go with ( ice castle or grand lodge). Any likes or dislikes of either would be greatly appreciated. The lodge seems to be built a little bit heavier duty, but that is just my personal opinion. Looking for any info either way? Thanks in advance.

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Ice Castle all the way. Value vs what you get. I have been looking and debating for two years and I am sold on them. DO NOT buy from Garden hut though. They are WAY overpriced! Check out Smokey Hills Outdoors web site to compare. West Bay Resorts in DL also has a slection on hand including the "stinger" ice house which I love. I have a friend that has been fishing out of one now for four years and the only issue he has had was a bad thermostat. If you haven't checked out the ones with a bay window take a look. Why a bay window ice fishing? I have no clue but it's cool and it's a seller to the little lady. Finnally, if you cant find all the options you want, you can order them to your specs, and get the the dealer discount if you order through Smokey Hills. Best of Luck and if you have any more questions let me know.


Good Luck and Good Fishin'

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