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Hunting Invention

Hey guys need a little help. I have a hunting product idea that I can promise many of you would like to have as I have experimented with this product a little already and love it. Here is my problem. I need someone to help manufacture the product or direct to some one that can help me get my idea off the ground. Whether you know someone in the hunting industry that can help or know of a venture capiltalist or angel investor. Thought this might be a good place to start.

Greatly appreciated.

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I'd probably get with a patent attorney first before worrying about manufacturing it or seeking investors to help get manufacturing off the ground. I wouldnt trust a venture capitalist, investor etc. as far as I could throw them. It would really $uck if someone stole your idea. I hope your idea is a good one. Good luck.

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Camouflage beer dispenser? A yeti call? Mountain lion repellant?

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I'm in a similar situation as walleyez and don't know exactly who to turn to that I can trust to help me out. I have used my product as well and it is more successful at what it does than anything else I've seen that is remotely close to it. It's basically something similar to what is available but with several incredibly advantageous improvements. I'd also appreciate any advice.

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Ya its called get the patten first. Don't worry about any of the rest tell then because you own it. And then you can make the money.

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Honestly, before patents you MUST DEVOTE ambition.  Dad and I have had all kinds of neat ideas (more computer related) but we always fizzle out and don't continue moving foward.  Obvious, your first step would be a patten.  Too many people out there will steal it.  Heck, in reality, they will anyway but with a patent you have the power to sue.

Good luck boys!

Tim S.



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If you are going to get a patent, be ready to spend some time and money. I believe the only Patent Attorney in ND is Michael Neustal out of Fargo, I went to school with him.

I know there are kits that you can buy to start the patent process yourself, I have no idea how much they are or how effective they are. But, if you plan on taking this further, you are going to have to protect yourself from someone copying the idea and getting the patent first. Then it would be a legal battle. Trust me, that's not a lot of fun.

If you get the patent process started, there are people that you could go to and present your idea in the hopes they fund it or possibly buy it from you, whatever your desire. Best of luck, a person can always use a new gadget or an improved one.

If you are going to try for money, you'll have to get a business plan together. That's not a lot of fun, but, if you are going to require funding, they will require a business plan.

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I know it's a lot of work, not to mention what we came up with gives us such an advantage at the type of hunting it's used for that I almost hate to let other people know about it. Thanks for the advice though.

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ive also seen guys talk to big companies ( like mossy oak for example) and just sell the idea to them then let them do all the work. ive heard they usualy just buy it out from you. but theres also the chance you could make MORE or LESS doing it yourself.

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Bigbuckgod is probably right in that you would be better off selling your idea to a big outfit like cabelas or bass pro.  I have a buddy that is in the middle of getting a patten right now(fishing related) he has a ton of money ivested along with some other ivesters but it might take off or it might bust.  He's got a pretty great product and I know I would use it but you just don't know what everyone else will think.  He's  hired engineers to make his product better and done a cost analysis telling him how many he would have to sell a year to make money and those are just a few of the things it takes to make sure you will make money.  He did say a patten really doesn't mean a whole lot, lets say cabelas steals your idea, what are you going to do against them, there money will long outlast yours in a  court battle.  He said his attourney told him someone would probably put an offer on the table to buy his idea and that would be the best option in most cases unless you have a tremendous financial backing.  Good luck with your venture!!!

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