HuntersKloak - Product Review

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HuntersKloak - Product Review
I have been meaning to write and post this review for a while now, but have been waiting to gather the information needed to write a solid review of the product.
I have used it on every treestand sit so far this year and to say the least, I am impressed. 
The first time I used it I used the apple scented cartridge, I had a poor wind for my stand, it was blowing the scent directly over where I expected deer to come from.  This was a rushed sit, I left work early, headed home, changed into my hunting garb and hit the stand.  I turned the HuntersKloak on and set it to spray every 30 seconds.  I sat for 2 hours without any movement, when right before sunset I heard rustling coming from my north, in the trees.  It got closer and closer, I thought for sure this thing was going to ruin the hunt for me and spook whatever was heading my way.  Finally I can see what is coming, it's a doe and a fawn, and they seem to be coming in on a rope.  Headed straight for me, into the apple scented mist being emitted from the HuntersKloak. These two deer approached the tree I was seated in, milled around on the ground for a little bit, and continued on their way.  Do I know that they came in because they smelled apples? No.  But I do know that they did not catch wind of me even though they came in directly down wind.
I have had very similar experiences using the earth scented cartridges in very similar scenarios.  Deer are standing down wind and acting as though there is nothing suspicious peering at them from the trees.  I have yet to arrow a deer while using this device, mainly because I seem to have terrible luck when it comes to seeing bucks during legal shooting hours, but when I do you can bet that I'll have the HuntersKloak in my tree with me.
If you're unfamiliar with the device you can check it out at their website following this link: HuntersKloak
This is not a paid article, the good people at HuntersKloak donated the prizes for our last giveaway in exchange for an honest, unbiased review, so there it is.
Stay tuned, I am working on an ice fishing themed giveaway in anticipation of the lakes freezing!