How old is my new shotgun

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How old is my new shotgun

I have a love for all things old. I’m my gun safe are several relics from yesterday. None of which get to enjoy retirement in their old age, in the comfort of said gun safe. Last week while on one of my too many trips to pawn shops and Junk stores I ran across a Browning A5 with a 4 digit serial number. I know it’s old due to the low serial number. It was sitting in a group of lesser guns looking out of place and asked me to please get it out of there. So a discussion was had and consequently a deal was struck, adoption became final after the paper work was filled out. The serial number is H2893 with the FN above it in the oval circle. Now it is sitting next to the Light 12 made in 1963 and the Mausers that have been rechambered to modern calibers. I looked on a few websites but couldn’t definitively find a block of serial numbers that spoke to its number. The best I could come up with is that it was produced between 1920 and 1929. It’s not that important however except I like to break out Tom’s antique roadshow with my hunting buddies every season with a little history about each newly acquired piece. 



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Looks like it was between 1954 and 1955. FN took over production of this gun in 1952 and after that the Serial Number system changed then to include the H which stands for Standard, and L which stands for Lightweight. They produced H1-H83,000 and L1-L83,000 between 54 and 55.

Here is the link where I found the information:

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Wish I were home with access to my dad’s FN A-5 that he bought when Fabrique Nationale restarted production in the late 40’s early 50’s.  I’ll have to check the ser number and car touches, etc.  It’s a kind of family heirloom, 4 generations using it for game, trap, and now getting beat by the grandkids At an occasional sporting clays shootout! 

Interesting hobby you have regarding old guns Tom.  Wonder where you hang your off season hat.   I’m in Bis and love hto talk early gun stuff.  Black powder, cast bullets, various old guns,etc.  BTW they are getting more and more old guns in the Heritage Center. I was impressed last time I was there!  I have a few they’d be interested in, but not for a while, I hope!  LOL