Great boat dealer experience in Fargo!

 I was looking for a boat this spring, just your average full window, 17-18ft aluminum boat and I ran across so many that were overpriced.  I looked at many of the dealers in the state and they were a good 3-5k high on a lot of the used boats this time of year.  I keep an eye on craigslist and bisman but the deals go quick.  I finally found a couple I liked in Fargo and talked to the guy selling them and it turns out he just started a small business selling boats and powersports.

 Up North Recreation is the name of the company and the guy that runs it is named Jon.  He actually had a few nice boats and he was really really reasonable on the pricing.  He is a great guy and really took care of me.  I ended up taking a 2008 Smokercraft from him that is a nice boat that looks almost new.  I have never had a better experience buying any vehicle in my life so I have to recommend him if you are in the area, the address is 3241 Main Avenue Suite #A and phone number is 701-200-6401.

Just wanted to help those of you that might be looking for a good used boat.

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Headlamp Hunter
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I am glad that you had a good experience.  I did NOT!  I called him on a Thursday and asked if he would be around on Saturday to look at a few of his boats (I was driving from Bismarck).  He said it was not problem and asked that I call him before getting there and he would tell me where he was located and meet me there. 
Flash to Saturday...wife and I are 20 miles out of Fargo.  I call, no answer so I leave a message.  Drove through Fargo and on to Barnsville, MN to look at another boat being sold by owner because I had not received a call from Jon.
The boat in Barnsville was in excellent shape and priced 2K under what Jon wanted for the same boat and motor and similar set up.  I pulled it home and love it.  Oh, and Jon did not call me back until Monday at about 11:30 in the morning...not going to sell many boats that way.  In the end it worked out for me but still pissed me off 

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Hearing good things in town about this Up North recreation as well.  Never worked with him personally but a couple guys said it's a good option in Fargo for boats etc. 

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 This still a decent place for used boats?

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Tom Hubbard
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Very dishonest business. A detailed review can be seen under Google reviews for Up North Recreation. Entire inside of boat is full of stress cracks.

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Pat's Place
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I had excellent experience with Ray's Marine in a new boat better equipped and several thousands less than a local dealer. A year later had a motor warranty issue over July 4 weekend and they slipped me in the shop at 8 a.m. July 5 and got me serviced and back on my way same day!

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Im the dealer that sold this boat to this customer (Tom Hubbard-Negative reviewer above).  Story needs to be told correctly here.  This gentlemen bought this boat over the phone last november without coming and physically looking at the boat which he has every right to do(not a good idea in my book but thats what he wanted to do).  It was a 2013 Ranger 620.  I sent many pics and had quite a few conversations with this guy about the boat and even took it too a independent dealer to have motors checked over for him.  Boat has less than 300hrs on it.  After we made the deal we agreed to store it over the winter for him at no charge and he would pick it up in the spring.  He mentioned he might come and check it out sometime over the winter but never did.  If your going to be very picky person about what you buy then it would probably make good sense to make the effort to drive to the dealership and make sure its everything you are looking for in the boat.  He had the entire winter to come and check it out and rectify any possible situation that may concerned him but he didnt take the time to do that.  Now comes March and we deliver the boat to the Skeeter boat center in Ramsey, MN for him out of customer service(not part of the agreed upon deal)  4hr drive at our cost.  The boat sits at this dealership for a few days before he comes and picks it up.  He has them and another dealership check things over so you know where this is heading, these dealers tell him this and that and he calls me with his concerns and I basically tell him if hes not happy with the boat bring it back to us and I will re-sell it at no cost too him and tell him that it will sell fast.  The boat is in really nice condition and has low hrs on it and 9 out of 10 guys are not going to nit pick a 5 year old boat like he did.  He didnt want to do that and was going to keep it.  If he would have come to the dealership first or soon after to look at the boat we could have done a refund and saved everybody a bunch of time and hassle, but since it had been 4 months all the title work was completed and done.  We checked over the boat well and all the things he mentioned the other dealers he had look at where not anything we found to be wrong.  He says spare tire was flat when he picked it up well it sat at another dealer for a few days so who knows what happened, believe me we would have not delivered this boat 4hrs away with a flat spare just for our own sake also!!!!  Moral of all this is that if your going to spend this kind of money and be a fussy person you should go to the dealership and check over the boat your looking at and make sure its in the condition that you want.  Everyone has a different opinion on things and one guys can look at something and not care about it and the next guy will look at it and think its horrible.  Final comment is also that this customer bought this boat for around 3-4 thousand dollars less than I could have gotten for it this spring and that is why he jumped all over this deal.  It was a very nice boat at a GREAT PRICE and I am pretty sure thats why he didnt want to bring it back for us to re-sell!!!!  2 sides to every story and just wanted our side to be told as we see it.  We have sold over 300 boats in our 6 year existence and outside of this complaint we have a really good customer service record!!!!