Great boat dealer experience in Fargo!

 I was looking for a boat this spring, just your average full window, 17-18ft aluminum boat and I ran across so many that were overpriced.  I looked at many of the dealers in the state and they were a good 3-5k high on a lot of the used boats this time of year.  I keep an eye on craigslist and bisman but the deals go quick.  I finally found a couple I liked in Fargo and talked to the guy selling them and it turns out he just started a small business selling boats and powersports.

 Up North Recreation is the name of the company and the guy that runs it is named Jon.  He actually had a few nice boats and he was really really reasonable on the pricing.  He is a great guy and really took care of me.  I ended up taking a 2008 Smokercraft from him that is a nice boat that looks almost new.  I have never had a better experience buying any vehicle in my life so I have to recommend him if you are in the area, the address is 3241 Main Avenue Suite #A and phone number is 701-200-6401.

Just wanted to help those of you that might be looking for a good used boat.

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I am glad that you had a good experience.  I did NOT!  I called him on a Thursday and asked if he would be around on Saturday to look at a few of his boats (I was driving from Bismarck).  He said it was not problem and asked that I call him before getting there and he would tell me where he was located and meet me there. 
Flash to Saturday...wife and I are 20 miles out of Fargo.  I call, no answer so I leave a message.  Drove through Fargo and on to Barnsville, MN to look at another boat being sold by owner because I had not received a call from Jon.
The boat in Barnsville was in excellent shape and priced 2K under what Jon wanted for the same boat and motor and similar set up.  I pulled it home and love it.  Oh, and Jon did not call me back until Monday at about 11:30 in the morning...not going to sell many boats that way.  In the end it worked out for me but still pissed me off 

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Hearing good things in town about this Up North recreation as well.  Never worked with him personally but a couple guys said it's a good option in Fargo for boats etc. 

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 This still a decent place for used boats?

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Tom Hubbard
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Good deals

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I had excellent experience with Ray's Marine in a new boat better equipped and several thousands less than a local dealer. A year later had a motor warranty issue over July 4 weekend and they slipped me in the shop at 8 a.m. July 5 and got me serviced and back on my way same day!

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From the dealer:  Tom Hubbard is a good customer to work with and recommend him to anyone selling/buying something from.