Got Tina's Catfish back from the taxidermist.

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Monster Catfish
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Got Tina's Catfish back from the taxidermist.

Didn't take that long but got Tina's catfish back from our taxidermist...better than I imagined...he did great work!!!  Thought I would post some pics of it for you guys, bad lighting and better pics to come but this is what we got so far.  It is bigger than we remember.  Hopefully more fish to post next year! 


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Nice! Just curious, what did it cost for the mount? Thanks and congratulations!

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That is one BIGGGGGG Catfish!!!!!

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Backwater Eddy
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Toby is that a skin mount, or a replica? Either way...looks great.

I don't see Mr. "Kirmit" hanging fom it's choppers though...I think it need one. ;)

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson ~ ~ ><,sUMo,> ~ ><CD

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Awesome fish, great job on the mount.  That memory will last forever!!!