Game cart vs. Game sled


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Game cart vs. Game sled

I am wondeering if anyone that has used a game cart and/or game sled could give me some pros and cons on them. I have dragged deer for many years and have wondered if these carts or sleds help much at all.

Thanks for your input.

Have safe and successful Season.


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They help a LOT. Roll-up sleds (plastic tobogans) with ropes added along the edges can be carried on your back, while you have to walk back to the vehicle to get the cart or rigid sled...I've used all 3. The carts are worth the extra walk if you want to take the time, and they can be an absolute life saver in some difficult retrieves, especially going up hills. The roll up sleds tend to have the deer slip off sideways unless they strapped down very well, but the sleds slide across dry grass much easier than a hide. The big drawback of the cart is having room to haul and store one.

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Cart works best dry short grass/hills and dirt fields
Sled works great with snow on the ground or wet conditions

wouldn't be bad to own both just in case

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Cart is nice as long as there isn't heavy cover to go through or snow.  Have to walk back to vehicle to get it.  A tarp and a rope work pretty well and can be carried in a pack so only one trip.   If I hunted somewhere I was a long ways from a road, I think I'd invest in a good pack and pack it out.

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Carts work great

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We use cart in the badlands and it wooks great no troubles at all even in heavy sage brush, you can get plastic shields for the inside of the wheels to keep the grass and sage brush out, but very easy to get deer out. On the down fall is very heavy to pack in so alot of extra walking to and from vehicle to retrieve game.

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I am a huge fan of the deer cart! Hauled my bow mule deer and my friends with it this year.  It worked really slick not to mention his mule deer was one of the biggest bodied deer i have seen.  The only problem i have heard of with them is that if you are going to put 2 deer or an elk on one the wheels will bow out.


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We used a cart last time we went mule deer hunting deep into the hills and it was a godsend in order to get the game out.  We quartered the animal and cut the head/cape off and put everything on the cart and wheeled it out without breaking our backs(you can't use a 4 wheeler on National Grassland anymore and it will go where a wheeler can't).  As mentioned earlier, it is a pain to go to the truck to get it though.  I have never used a good pack, but that might be good since you could wear it going in.

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Horses are the absolute best - I ride mine in to hunt and haul the deer carcass out. The tarp is actually one of the better options if horses aren't available to you. They are cheap - less than $10 and you can lash them around the animal so the animal doesn't flop out. They fold down to the size of a newspaper in the day pack along with enough rope to drag back out.

Good luck this season and be safe!


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just wait til they get close to the road before you shoot. easy retrieval.

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Game cart if there is no snow and a sled if there is. Carts do a man wonders. worth every penny. make sure you get the one with puncture proof tires