Fishing Buddy Cooler

Fishing Buddy Cooler
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06/13/2018 (3 weeks)
The Fishing Buddy Bait Cooler solves the problem of keeping bait cool while fishing in the hot summer sun! The arrangement of the 2 included gel packs and with the liner holding the gel packs in place, this helps to keep the cooler colder longer and your bait cool all day without using ice. Fishing Buddy keeps bait cool under 60 degrees up to 8 hours, holds 2 containers of bait. The rope lock helps to keep lid in place.Please visit our web site
It is a patented cooler and works! The Fishing Buddy Cooler is in some stores in Minnesota, see web site for locations.  Includes Outside container and lid, 2 gel packs, rope and washers, black inside container (holds bait). There is also room on the ledge of the inside container to cut your bait. Great for night crawlers, leaches and worms.  Shipping not included in Price.
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