Fishing around williston?

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Fishing around williston?

Ill be working in williston the next 3 weeks and i plan on going paddlefishing again in May.But,  Im wondering if there are any good spots to fish besides the Missouri or if i should just find a spot on shore to catch walleye or other fish too. ..any advice would b great! Thanks!

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trenton lake-crappie and pike(others also but morst likely cath those), Blacktail dam north of williston, the little muddy river runs right through williston- pike are thick in there, Missouri is almost always good for catfish, walleye sauger really depends on water conditions/clarity when you get here.

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Agreed with Double, Trenton Lake is a good time.  Caught some good sized pike along with a slab crappie there this winter.

Epping-Springbrook Dam can be good at times too.

Kettle Lake is about 30 miles north.  I've never had luck there but guys catch perch and trout there.

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Or Lake Sakakawea......

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