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Latest Fishing Reports

Went Shore fishing cloise to town Sunday Afternoon caught 3 walleyes 2 14 and 1 15.

It was slow packed up and finished getting ice fishing gear ready. I know people were out this weekend already but I am going to wait till the 1st of Dec.

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By: Sparky2_1
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on: Nov 23 2015 - 12:09

Quick question for all who fish devils lake on a regular basis.  If I were to hire a guided trip through perch patrol for the simple reason I'd like to get my father and grandfather on some fish since my grandfather is getting old and might be his last time ice fishing with me... is it better to...

love2hunt's picture
By: love2hunt
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on: Nov 20 2015 - 11:34

Anyone been catching any fish on the tailrace? I know in early October the water was pretty low...have they started letting more out yet?

fishn'huntND's picture
By: fishn'huntND
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on: Nov 20 2015 - 10:18

Fished off shore in a slough next to buffalo lake by milnor over the weekend the northerns were hungry. Jig and minnow worked the best

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By: mmanske66
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on: Nov 11 2015 - 06:31

went out as a group of 5, using fatheads and spinners we got skunked. tried the area sw of the crossing, baldhill creek, and the channel on the other side of the lake, no depth seemed to work.

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By: scary man
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on: Oct 25 2015 - 19:30