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Latest Fishing Reports

tokk my mom to turlte river today, water is lower but still murky, using crawlers we got a bullhead, a goldeye, 2 creek chubs, and 2 crawfish. a flyfisherman was there but he didn't catch anything. should've waited until the heat and humidity was less oppresive.

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By: scary man
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on: Jul 14 2015 - 23:01

Fished east end of the lake fishing was slow but steady.  Got our 3 man limit in about 4 hrs ranging fro 14" to 23".  Most fish 15 ft, bottombouncers and not particular color for craler harness.

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By: Dangerous D
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on: Jul 14 2015 - 16:21

We have switched gears a little bit the last week and have had all our guides fishing mainly Sakakawea and for good reason.  The fishing has really started to heat up on the Big Lake with limits of walleyes coming in consistently from the East end all the way out to the beacon.  We have been...

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By: LakeOaheGuides.COM
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on: Jul 7 2015 - 13:43

On Friday the 3rd we started up in the New Mil area with slip bobbers and leeches, in water ranging from 9-14 feet.  We ended up with a limit of fish in the 15-17" range with 1 C&R 25" Walleye.

On Saturday the 4th of July we changed it up and went into Pelican where we pulled spinners...

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By: TON Staff Davis
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on: Jul 7 2015 - 09:51

Fished 3 hours 6:00-9:00

Ran cranks from 6-20 feet with no luck.

Worked a wind blown point 4-16 feet with nightcrawlers and slow death rig.
1-Walleye (29" C&R)
1- Goldeye

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By: behumble
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on: Jul 3 2015 - 06:08