Fisherman's Prayer....

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Fisherman's Prayer....

As unfortunate as it may be...I never knew, nor heard of the Fisherman's Prayer..until yesterday...we laid my uncle to rest..I'll always remember my uncle as a great outdoorsman, great uncle and most importantly a great friend....His time on earth was much much to short...But as i sat in the church yesterday and listened to a close friend of his, Bill Mitzel, read the scriptures i noticed on the back of the program these words....

Fisherman's Prayer

I pray that i may live to fish until my dying day. And when my last cast, I then most humbly pray, When the Lord's great landing net and peacefully asleep. That in His mercy I be judged BIG ENOUGH TO KEEP!


how true the words are and how greatly they describe my uncle...

never to be forgotten...

i know we all need to take a kid fishing, but lets not forget the kid in all of us...uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers and grandparents all included..

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That's pretty cool man. I had never heard that before either. I wish you and your family the very best. YOur uncle sounds like he was a great man. My condolenced!

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Great post.That's very good. I've never heard that one either. My condolences to you and your family.

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Very good post.

On a lighter note.....I like the Rapala "fisherman's prayer"

"Oh Lord, there he is.......he feels like a big one,....please don't let me lose him, I've never had one this big, I promise not to "horse him", and if I land him, (and my wife says its ok), I'll release him, and make a graphite replica. Thank you for the Rapalas,......Amen.

If any of you are into the "spiritual side" of fishing, I reccomend "First Light on the Water" by the Linder boys, EXCELLENT read. I have read it maybe 3 times now, and it doesn't get old.

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Super post......Very sorry to hear of your lose.

I think we all need to read this prayer a couple
of times. Makes all the other stuff look pretty
small and really not important.

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