Does a cold snap like this affect fish bite

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Does a cold snap like this affect fish bite

I am wondering how a cold snap like we are having now affect the fish bite?   I have heard the bite will slow down in cold weather like this but not sure if its true.  if it does slow down the fish how long after the cold weather does it take for them to pick up?  Is it better to ice fish before or after the cold weather coming in?

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yes it does & it is not a good thing:(

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kpurchin_up Said:
yes it does & it is not a good thing:(

What he said!!

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 I don't think it's the temp as much as the pressure change, which goes hand in hand. Not being a smart ass, just that what I see is the water temp doesn't really change. Either way as stated above its not good. On a good note the ice seems to be snow free which will allow excellent ice making

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Thanks for the replies so far.  How long after the cold or pressure change does it take for the bite to pick up again,

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 Look at barometric pressure readings to see when bite should be back to normal. If you see what the pressure was for a good bite, once it gets back there it should be normal again.

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El Superbeasto
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yesterday I had 2 bites and the day before limited out- big difference 


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 Went out all day today and caught one fish... graphed fish all day but nothing wanted to bite.

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 It took a while, but I have learned to no even bother going fishing when the wind is blowing and the temp is dropping.  

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Candiru Said:
 It took a while, but I have learned to no even bother going fishing when the wind is blowing and the temp is dropping.  

Stay thirsty my friends

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Just remember someone always catching fish ....

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 Right place right time cant catch any if your on FBO.

solocam Said:
Just remember someone always catching fish ....

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I caught this 20 incher on the Red this evening.  It was blowing and the temp went from -3 to -13 in 2 hours.  It whacked my live target 3 times before I hooked him.  Agressive to say the least.  I would much rather fish the day before a front or in stable weather, but that doesn't always work out and it beats sitting on the couch.

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It seems too, but I fished during a blizzard one time and caught 17 perch (11 over 12 inches and one on the wall). One of my friends was about 200 feet from me and got nothing. I caught them in about 2 hours and then they quit biting just like that.

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 Ask a biologist


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 Dave Genz swears by fishing when it is really cold outside, hence the invention of the fish trap portables. I myself have done excellent a few times out on devils when it has been 30 below wind chill. All about presentation is my belief.

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