Devils Lake (Overview) - Monday, May 4, 2015

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 Just wondering if walleyes are biting up shallow yet?  Looking at going up for this weekend, had fun a couple years ago in May up there and wanted to give it a go.  Not looking for anything specific just haven't heard much yet this year.  Thanks!

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Tight Lines
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If you can only make it up to Devils once a year I would recommend going anytime from early June on for better overall success if your schedule allows. My experiences with Devils lake early fishing is very feast or famine. It might be one of your most memorable trips or it very well might end up being one of those trips you would rather just forget. May is a month of fewer fish but bigger fish for me anyway. Once the water warms up the fishing becomes much more consistant overall though. With any sort of fishing prowess the only thing that usually keeps a person from catching good numbers of fish from June on out is the wind and the waves.  Good luck whenever you go.

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 Thanks fellas, not looking to fill the freezer just want to have some fun.  Only my second time to Devils, going to make it a once a year trip if I can figure out how to catch them.  Wouldn't mind getting into some big pike too.  

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Davis Schmidt
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 I was up this past weekend just doing a little shore fishing.  The walleyes are definitely biting shallow.  For us they seemed to prefer a plain hook and a leech under a slip bobber.  We did manage some pitching jigs but most of our fish came on the bobber rigs.

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There is definitely a mob mentality. Maintain status quo. Don't poke the bear. I had my best year ever this spring. Once the pike come out of spawning I quit fishing for a while. But at first water this year, it was amazing 

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 Yes, have been for last week and a half, should continue for sure but don't mention that you are fishing shallow water on this site because no one will believe you and those that know all will say your throwing down BS!!! Lol Soft plastic swim baits are definitely on the menu!!!


Good Luck and Good Fishin'

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