Devils Lake (Overview) | 7/20/17

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Jul 20 2017
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Well I've been to Devils Lake twice this year and spent six days on the water and change.  I've watched about 150 boats at the cleaning stations and have decided that the great fishing they promote and what occurs are not the same.  Nearly all boats are catching small fish and keeping 12 - 16 inchers -calling that a limit of good fish. This is the third year I've observed this. I've had to look harder each year to find decent fish.  What's happened to the nice 3-4 pounders that used to be in the lake?  Are the fish not coming back to Devils Lake anymore , staying in northern drainages or is this lake getting overfished?  They need to put some decent boat landings in the upper reaches of the basin so the pressure gets spread out.  Head for the Big Lake. Sakakawea is much better right now.

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Davis Schmidt
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The nicer fish are still in

The nicer fish are still in there. I've seen plenty of nice 3-4lb fish this year.  I put them back in the lake and keep the 16-19" ones.  I haven't been up there for a couple of weeks but I'd be willing to bet that fishing deep is the ticket now, 30+ feet, with a jig.

The guys pulling spinners are likely the guys you see catching and keeping the little ones.

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