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TON 2.0 Developers and Webmaster's Platform and Tools


Open content, content API's and open source systems play a vital role on the web and are a core part of the Total Outdoor Network.

Our system was designed from the ground up to support unlimited third-party developers creating tools, applications and website that leverage TON Content and Technologies.

As the one of the largest players in the online Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Content space, we have opened up our systems to outside developers to allow you to create, share and leverage TON.

Easy, Unlimited and useful.  TON Provides feeds to most of it's content in RSS 2.0 format for easy consumption by feed readers, home page gadgets (such as Google Desktop and Personalized Homepages).
Widgets and Embed's
Find Content, grab it's code, and drop it right into your website.  TON Widgets and content embed code allows you to easily share and re-publish almost anything on a TON Website.  Videos, articles, photos, Maps and more provide embeddable code.

Plus, with the TON JavaScript Widget Factory, drop usable, interactive widgets directly onto your website.
TON Partner Program for Webmasters
Outdoor website owners and operators, make use of various levels of the TON Partner program to promote your site and use exciting tools to enhance your content.

We have 3 levels of partner involvement:
  1. Outdoor Site Index - Submit your site to our outdoor website index to make your pages available in our TON Web Search application.  Plus your site will appear in results delivered to any partners using any of our TON Web Search widgets for outdoor content. - Submit your Site
  2. "Tonify" your Content - Submit content feeds of your sites articles, videos, forum posts, etc., or, programatically submit your content for "tonification" through the TON Developers API.  When you Tonify your content, your pages appear in our content search with links back to your site, plus, through the TON API retrieve rich meta data and tags about your content when submitting
  3. TON Platform - Migrate your outdoor website to the TON Platform and gain access to all of our features, tools and resources, plus, generate revenue through the TON Partner Program
Developers API (Application Programming Interface)
Using the TON API, access content programatically via your application or coding language of choice.

TON Provides a REST method interface and response via REST XML or JSON.

Special access allows any third-party outdoor website develop to not only read content from TON, but PUBLISH using the TON API.  Publish your articles, photos, videos and more to increase your exposure and link TON users with your application.

Read data from ton using PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, or any language in which you can make an HTTP POST call from.

Plus, download one of our TON Client API Kits and getting going is simple.
Open Source Components and Libraries 
Not only do we use open source, we give back! - The TON Developers Team has published and will continue to publish open source components that we have developed for our own use to the public.

For help or more information, join the TON Developers Discussion Group and Forums.

For more information or to contact us, click here