Deer-Elk hybred shot in southern MN. From a Twin City TV station website. Artificial insemination at a game farm?

A southern Minnesota deer hunter nabbed himself a strange trophy.

Tom Legred, of Bricelyn, Minn., shot something recently that he and many others couldn't identify.

At first, they thought it was an albino deer, but the body and neck were longer than a normal deer.

It turns out it was something even more rare--a half-deer, half-elk mix, also known as a 'Delk.'

The animal was brought to the University of Minnesota for testing.

Legred hopes to have his trophy back one day so he can mount it over his fireplace.

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Its good to know people are shooting animals before they can identify them.

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I wonder what it would have looked like a few years down the road. Body of a deer and horns like an elk? should have gave it another 4 years to live, would have been a really cool mounter than.

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The true sadness about this is that he was a rescued two year old Albino Elk/European Red Deer cross and my pet. He and an older brother had broken their enclosure three weeks earlier, we had been diligently searching for them to return them to their home.

Unfortunately one had stormed a fenced enclosure at an Elk Farm and was destroyed by the owner, this one had been on the loose for the last three weeks, we had hoped to dart him and save him from slaughter.

He was a rescue animal that had been given a life extension. What this points to is the unconcern of machismo hunters looking for a trophy animal to hang over the fireplace and as a conversation piece to tell others what great men and hunters they are. The truly unconscionable thing here is this hunter shot an animal without taking the time to actually identify it prior to taking his shot.

He will NOT be getting the animal back if I have anything to say about it....and he will be lucky if I don't file a civil action.

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IMO, european red deer belong in europe, not minnesota. isnt this the same way ferap pigs got started in the south? escapong an enclosure? i dont see it as a trophy at all, but dont see it belonging in the wild of the U.S. either

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"He will NOT be getting the animal back if I have anything to say about it....and he will be lucky if I don't file a civil action."

I'm sure he's scared. If anybody gets sued it will probably be you. Take your exotic pets back to Texas.