Deer Summer Sausage storage

I have 15Lbs of deer summer sausage. Is it better to store it in the regrigerator or should I freeze it. I have usually put it in the freezer because it was already frozen, but this time the only thing that was frozen was the bratwurst, the summer sausage and pepper sticks were not frozen. It just got me thinking that it might be better not to freeze it scince I have plenty of room in the Beer Fridge that is almost cold enough to freeze beer, but not quite. Any proffesional advice would be appreciated, Thanks

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 vacuum seal and freeze works for me

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Yep that's what I do.

yote-thumper Said:
 vacuum seal and freeze works for me
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Vacuum seal and freeze.  If you put it in the fridge, it will start a life all it's own.  I don't keep anything longer than 3 days in the fridge before it gets frozen.  Too many nasty bugs, some that can kill you would make a home in it pretty quick.

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I vacuum seal and freeze too.  I cut the sausage into thirds to fit in the bag which also reduces waste.  I just opened some the other day from two years ago that i found in the bottom of the freezer and its just as good as when it went in.  The only way to go. 

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Freezing hands down has a much longer preservation time compared to refrigerating. Cure in the summer sausage just provides the sausage for a little bit longer shelf life in your refrigerator after it has been thawed to serve.
The main reason for the cure in meat is to keep it safe from botchulism when smoking time exceeds FDA's safety zone of meat not being in the 40º to 140º for longer than 4 hours without cure in the product.

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My kids are lazy, (maybe me too) we slice ours into sandwich pieces and vacuum pack and freeze. Seems like we eat it more often if its already sliced.

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I use 1 1/2" X 12" casings, they hold exactly 1 lb.   When sliced - 4 pcs. make the perfect sandwich.  It is also a good quanity to to thaw without having to worry about waste.  So, yes freezing it is the best.  But my main point is that you have a nicely sealed casing and you can roll it in freezer wrap.  Consequently, no meat has exposure to the freezer elements, as it does when you use a larger casing and cut into chunks.  It is also the perfect gift size and freezer paper is much cheaper than the food saver bags and at least for this particular item it is equally protected.

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Thanks for all the responses, I will freeze it as usual, it is already vacuum sealed. I just thought about some of the salamis that are aged for a long time and thought maybe it wasn't neccasary to freeze it. I personaly think you lose a little quality in summer sausage once you freeze it.


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 Sooooo - How long does fry sausage stay good vacuum sealed in the freezer?  Just found some packs that got buried at the bottom of the chest freezer.  If not freezer burnt you would think they would keep a long time.

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duckduckgoose Said:
 Sooooo - How long does fry sausage stay good vacuum sealed in the freezer?  Just found some packs that got buried at the bottom of the chest freezer.  If not freezer burnt you would think they would keep a long time.

Only one way to find out but I think you should be good to go. I have eaten a lot of stuff that was vacuum sealed 2+ years and I am still here typing to you.

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