Decoys for Sale

Decoys for Sale
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09/03/2018 (2 weeks)

Duck Decoys and gear. I am selling the following either as a package or in separate lots. All dekes are floaters, but can also be used afield. Decoys: 32 Herters super magnum pressed styrofoam bead decoys. These are lightweight, move in water in only a slight breeze, and have built in weighted keels. Include cord and anchors. 20 drakes and 12 hens. These are indestructible and a bargain at 200.00 for all. A lot of mallards have been shot over them. They will last forever, and you can get paint kits to touch them up over time.

Avery Greenhead Gear Hot Buy Standard Mallard Decoys. 37 total, includes 19 drakes and 18 hens. Never used. Find them new on Ebay for 60.00 per dozen, I will sell all (three dozen plus one), for 80.00 total!

Flambeau floater mallard decoys, 10 total, five drakes and five hens, 20.00

Six Greenwing-Teal decoys. Great addition to any water blind set. Three drakes and three hens. 10.00.

DU Finisher Dog Blind. Never used, 25.00.

Two DCVR kits. These are metal stakes that you can set in the field and slide your keels of water decoys on to make them field decoys that show up. Two boxes, never used, total of 24 DCVR Stakes. 40.00 per dozen new, I will sell each dozen for 20.00 each (total of 40.00) - half price.

Jerk String Kit by TRU Motion "The Jerk". This is a jerk string system for creating decoy movement in the water. Never used, original box. 25.00.

Total comes to 400.00 - if you buy everything in a bundle, I'll make a deal. Otherwise, buy the items you want. Need to move these. Call or text Ron, pics available upon request..