CVA Muzzloader safety problem?

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CVA Muzzloader safety problem?

The above is an article talking about CVA muzzleloaders that have had barrels exploding. Just an FYI from my perspective as I have no experience with them.

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Yikes, I have a spanish barreled cva. Never tried the 150 gr.s of powder in it, Dont dare now.For a cheap in-line though, it will shoot 3 in. groups at a 100 yrd.s .Not right these rifles can be sold to the public without Anyone knowing what pressures the barrels can take.

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Interesting! If this is true, then it sounds like CVA will be history! Wonder if they got a bad lot or all their recent guns were bad??
Nothing to do with this case, but it's interesting that in line manufacurers are acting like they are in an arms race (pun intended) to advise and advertise bigger and better, longer and longer ranges and more and more power, etc.
Back in the 1820's through 50's when outdoorsmen used flintlocks and caplocks for survival, routinely shooting buffalo, elk and the occasional Native American or competitive trapper in defense, the usual loads were patched round balls (spit or bear grease patched) and 80 - 100 grains FFg max. Round balls kill much better than the ballistics would indicate otherwise.

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This was from 2005 right?  I thought I remembered reading this same thing a year or two on here.  Could be wrong though.  I've not heard of incidents lately, so I don't know how much clout I'd put in this article.  It is an interesting read, I just don't know how much stock to put into it.  Not saying it isn't true, just unsure about if it is.

Go Huskers!

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Great article! Question tho.... Soundslike most of these people pulled the gun outta the box and went "Full Tilt Boogie" with using a max load? I guess anything is possible, but with all of the experience of all of the shooters in the article, wouldn't you think they would have started out with a minimum load to break in the barrel for a few shots? I got a CVA inline a few years back for Christmas. Also got the Powerbelt bullets, Pyrodex pellets, and primers just like in the article. A friend and I went out with our new toys, popped a couple of primers off just like the manual said, and began with one pellet of powder with a bullet. After shooting/cleaning, shooting/cleaning, shooting/cleaning... we bumped up to 2 pellets and so on and so on.... Come to find out, Mine is more accurate with 2 pellets anyway. I know accidents happen, but could it have been a little operator error??? Never had any problems with my CVA. Just my 2 cents????