Crock pot duck recipes

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Crock pot duck recipes

 How do you guys make your duck? Looking for a simple,yet delicious duck recipe for the crock pot. I have a few, but looking to change it up.

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Either onion soup mix or sauerkraut,both are excellent.

Perazzi usa
Benelli usa
Briley Chokes

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 Once I started cooking duck medium rare, I never went back to the crock pot stuff. The best way so far, for wild duck anyhow, is to pound out the deboned breast meat a little, season with s&p and put a dallop of creamcheese/jalapano(diced) mixture inside, fold over and wrap in 'thin cut' bacon (toothpics help) and toss on the grill. When the bacon is done, you've got medium rare, or so, duck that won't be tough or gameee. 

Works great, if not better with Pheasant.

Another super easy and delicious way to do duck is to make the meat into thick strips and marinate in terriaki sauce for a short spell and cook them over a medium fire fast, not to overcook. 

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Ripnem Said:
 Once I started cooking duck medium rare, I never went back to the crock pot stuff.

+1.  I dredge the breast in flour and s&p and cook in HOT oil for about 30 seconds a side to brown.  I deglaze with red wine (or cooking sherry), butter, and add whatever fruit preserves I have (jalepeno raspberry is the best).  Simmer and reduce the sauce until desired consistency.  I add the breasts while simmering until med rare. 

I used to use the crock pot all the time and will never go back.  Duck should be medium rare at the most. 

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Small slits all over soak in orange juice for couple days .  Crock pot with peppers onion and mushrooms.


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Duck breasts in crock covered with raw onion.  Cook for 6 hours on low.  Then mix 1 can cream mushroom, 1 can cream of celery, and 1 pouch dry lipton onion soup mix.  Pour over duck, increase to high and cook for 1 hour.  After 1 hour gently stir to move duck from bottom to top and cover the top with 8 oz of fresh portabella mushrooms and cook for 1 more hour or til mushrooms are done to your liking.