Coyote Calling Times?

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Coyote Calling Times?

When is the best time of day to hunt for coyotes? And what distress calls have worked the best for everyone? Also I found some mountain lion tracks and am wondering what call mountain lions mostly come in on?

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Unique dieing / distress sounds work, doenst really matter which ones.

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Like fishing, there's never a bad time to be out calling coyotes! :>) I agree with nxs on post blizzard conditions and presumably mt. lion calling.
I've called a few in British Columbia in the winter years ago, although didn't realize it till I was headed back to the truck and found tracks. I often wonder how many saw me or smelled me and even how many left tracks that I didn't happen to see. But it was really thick woods up there.
Any distress call would probably ring a dinner bell to them. They must hear it every day when they catch something themselves and would come in, though they are slow compared to a coyote.
I've read that a mt. lion in heat recording is a good call, though haven't seen anything commercial like that. I had the grandkids down at the zoo one time and their femal lion was in heat and being bred by the male, and other than louder it sounded like a domestic cat in heat, squawling away. I don't know what to use to mimic this, though.

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I've found that evening and morning are the two best times to call. However I wouldn't limit it to that. I've had coyotes come in all through the day.

I disagree with calling right after a blizzard, especially if there is a lot of snow associated with it. Coyotes might be out hunting, and if you happen upon them the will be easy to call, however if they are not moving, deep snow will negatively effect your chances.

I think the time of year is more important than what time of day. Late December is a tough time to call. Mid January through March seems to be the best calling times.

Pup squalls are a very good way to entice a coyote in. As well as challenge barks and howls. Practice up on these as they are a little more difficult than a typical distress call but not overly difficult.

Location is another thing I think that is above time of day. Remember, the best coyote hunting will normally start a half mile from the road. Get your snowshoes and have fun.

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First light until 10:30AM and then the last 60min of useable light are my best times.

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My best luck calling yotes has probably been in the evening, but my favorite time to call is during the middle of the day during a snowfall with light winds. They tend to come running to the call under these conditions.

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Went up north around New Johns Lake and trudged through knee-deep snow to a rock pile and tried calling. Didn't see a thing. There were lots of pheasants around. Sittin' right on the roads. Shoulda been up there last weekend.