Catching Bluegill in the Sewer

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Catching Bluegill in the Sewer
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That's sweet!

I dont go around guessing cup sizes either I just know a nice rack when I see one.

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 lol now eat it


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If it is a true "storm" sewer, there's no human feces in it.  Most cities have long ago segregated sanitary sewers (yer commode) from rain that lands on the street (storm sewers).

That being said, I'd probably shy away from a fish caught in a storm water runoff system simply because of all the frigging chems people put on their lawns above the recommended rate, gas and other leaks from vehicles, etc.

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Lets all get together and have a sewer tournament for the most poo perch caught in 2 hours 14 minutes

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I catch walleye all the time at storm sewer devils lake. " "

Stay thirsty my friends

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I catch walleye all the time at storm sewer devils lake. " "

Just be careful of that cement culvert that is underwater on the way into the storm sewer.  I was in a boat that hit it once and it was nasty.  if the motor woulda hit it there wouldn't be a motor.

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Ever catch any brown trout down there??

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The ever elusive turd fish

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He hates those feces to pieces.

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Captain Ahab Said:
He hates those feces to pieces.