Cannonball River - Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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 this is for the maple and rush rivers (no other to post reports for them). the maple river dam is still underwater but using crawlers and a few angle worms I got a dozen cats (no keepers, biggest was 12 inches), 3 goldeye, 4 stonies, and a 11 inch waleye. the rush river low water crossing had an insulting number of goldeye, 4 in the first 15 minutes, 3 more over the next 30 (they had a tendency to hit the bait before the the weights hit the bottom, and 6 cats, no keepers. the thunder from nearby storms gave off a nice ambiance. 

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 Have you tried cutting up the goldeye for catfish bait on circle hooks with a slip sinker rig? I'm only getting small cats on minnows and worms, but cut bait has the big cats eating.

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 I've tried cut sucker and goldeye a few times on the area rivers and can count on one hand the number of cats that they've brought in, I just seem to have better luck with frogs and other bait, but I won't deny that others have great sucsess with it. mabey later when the water is 75 degrees I'll try it again. 

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