Bushnell Scout 1000 w/ arc or Nikon Prostaff 550

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Bushnell Scout 1000 w/ arc or Nikon Prostaff 550

Im looking at these 2 rangefinders right now, would mainly use for bowhunting and calling coyotes does anyone have any experience with either?

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I have the elite 1500 (bushnell) and love it.  The "arc" really is not that necessary, and the extra range capability of the 1500 will come in handy when trying to range a small target at longer ranges.  You have to remember that their advertised range capabilities are on reflective targets.  I have ranged deer at 1000yds with my elite, but doubt it would go much farther than that.  The Nikon 550 would get you 300 at absolute best on a coyote, the bushnell probably 450-500 at absolute best (there's a big difference between the 1000 and the elite 1500).  The only thing I've noticed is that a battery doesn't last nearly as long as in my older scout 450 (which only gave me 250yds on deer at best), so the laser must be way stronger on the 1500 (duh, right?).