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What is your favorite way to fish a Buckshot spoon for perch? With a treble directly on the bait or with the dropper line to a single hook? Always used a Buckshot for walleye but never had much success with them for perch. Whats the trick? (and color)

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 For perch i like the perch colored glow in the smallest size. Ill start with the regular treble but if there finicky ill use the same buckshot but with a hali chain and small red hook.


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2-3 inch dropper with single hook.  Works well for finicky eye's as well.  You tail hook a minnow and shake that in front of them and if they don't hit that we move on.  In the waters I fish perch in I like gold/pink glow.  I almost always choose a red/glow macho minnow first and then work to a buck shot dropper if need be.

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i like the smaller perch color one as well tipped with a minnow head. never had much luck using whole bait.

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I like to drill two holes close together, one with a small buckshot with treble and a pinched minnow head, the second plain red hook and bobber.  If the fish are agressive they will hit the jig, if not you will pull them in with the jig and they will take the dead stick. 

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 I use whole minnows hooked in the back. I only use trebles, but unless the perch is a jumbo it will have a hard time getting the hook in its mouth. I would assume a dropper hook would allow the minnow to get in its mouth easier.

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