Breezy vs Windy

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Pheasant 54
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Breezy vs Windy

I just love how NOAA has come up with 30 MPH winds as breezy , does windy start at 35 or 40 ???

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Out here on the prairie, 30 mph is breezy.  We even play golf in the wind.  In MN, those wimps go in the basement because windy to them is anything over 15 mph.

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In North Dakota breezy means that you can pee into it, windy means hang onto your shorts...

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Tim Sandstrom
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Breezy is typicall 15 to 25 mph

Windy is 20 to 30 mph

I don't know the explanation.  Suppose I could dig it up somewhere.



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I have heard that wind is just an acronym for

Pheasant 54
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I believe they changed it a year or so ago , to make it sound better .  Skoal ,I have a heck of a stream but I still dont want to do it into 30 mph (breezy ) winds