Bow hunting in the wind.

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Bow hunting in the wind.

I am thinkin bout going bow hunting this next week but it looks super windy almost all week. How bad does the wind affect your arrow? Also how many people go out when its really windy? Any advice will help.

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If it's not a long shot, within 20 yards, it doesn't affect the arrow all that much. One nice thing about the wind is that you can spot and stalk a little easier. If you're up in a tree, you'll have to use your eyes and be aware.

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makes spot and stalk alot easier and alot more fun. i would say your ok out to 30 yards after that its going to move alot more


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I hunted in the heavy wind and rain tonight.  Saw lot of deer but didn't take any shots.  I think the hardest part of shooting in the wind is keeping the bow and your arm steady.  Wind sometimes makes it hard to keep the sights on the target.

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I don't like hunting in the wind because the deer don't usually move and it makes it super hard to keep your sights steady on an animal when you're gettin blown all around and if you're in a tree, you're gettin shook around twice as bad. I wondered how the deer would move out here in the wind though being its windy a lot. I'm not looking forward to going out on tuesday, but I'm gonna give it a shot I suppose. Cause like you said, with this front that moved in, a ton of wind came w/ it.

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I sat tonight in the ground blind.  I was kinda out of the wind in a little cove of trees.  Still shook the blind at time and had the wind swirl a few times.  Deer were really skittish and really didn't move till late. 

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I like hunting in the wind. But, I am lucky where I hunt we have some large oak trees that don't seem to move much in 20 to 35 mph winds. Anything more than that and I will probably skip it and try another day.

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I tried a stalk on a buck last night. Got to about 200 yards and got busted by a doe. Should have shot her and I might have got to the buck. It was fun.

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i hate bowhunting in the wind, or atleast i did, went out last night in the heavy winds, very happy i did, will post pic today