Bottom Bucket for ICE FISHING GEAR

Video Description: 763-551-1441 Bottom Bucket for ICE FISHING GEAR

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Bottom Bucket-Year Round for the Best Bait Around!

  • The Patented Bottom Bucket system allows you to keep your bait alive, healthy and ready to go whenever you're ready to fish. This one-of-a-kind system helps keep your minnows in top shape at your dock, on the lake, and at your fish house for weeks at a time, eliminating the hassle of unnecessary travel and having to maintain your bait at home!

Summer Use


  • During ice out months, keep your bait near the bottom of the lake where the water temperature and oxygen level is optimal to keep your bait healthy and ready fish.  Leave your bait at the cabin ready to fish when you return in a week or more. Its also great for keeping river otters from your bait. Stop throwing money away on wasted bait!

Winter Use

  • The secret to the system is that it floats.  No more dropping a bucket down your hole and using a rope or chain to hold it from sinking to the bottom only to have to chip out the ice and hit the rope and your bait floats to the bottom.  With the Bottom Bucket you can use your auger to drill your hole once it freezes with your bait staying safe suspended below the ice waiting for you to reach down and retrieve it.