Birthday Gift for dad

 Dad shot this buck back in the mid 90's in the Grassy Butte area. He never thought it was decent enough to mount, but I always thought it was a great buck, so for his birthday, I found an extra cape this past fall and had my taxidermist mount it. Turned out great. Still some drying to do on the cape, but looks good! Happy Birthday pops! Gross scored a touch over 140.  pretty much a  straight 4 x 4 with about a 1.25 inch g4 on the deers right side. Special thanks to Adrian Mittesteadt (Hazen) for the taxidermy work. Photo is off a phone, so not the best quality.

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Darn right thats worth mounting! nice deer, thats pretty cool of you to do that for your old man.

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That baby would hang on my wall!!  140" 4x4 is a big deer period!!  Nice buck and mount.

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Wish I could find someone to that type of thing for me about 10 times!  Congrats He will love it!

Dead animals don't need fur anyway!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks good buddy!

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