Best rod holder for boat

What are the best systems for boat rod holders. Gonna be mounted onto a glass boat and possibly rail mount but if not than deck mount.

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i've got mine in pretty good spots on my boat.  so, i get by without... but, i think rails with the holders connected with easy to loosen and tight wing nuts would be the shiznit.  

and i really like me these holders.  they are easy on the pocket book and work flawlessly.  its a pretty simple concept.  but, i use them for jiggin, cat fishing and trolling and i've never had a rod even look like they want to come out of them.  you literally set them in and pull them out to set the hook.  unlike most other rod holders, there is nothing to do but lift the rod straight up in order to get them out of the holder.  and they come with the rail mount piece if thats the route you choose.  but, i would get some different nuts and bolts, like wingnuts, that tighten and loosen easier in case you decide to move them on the rails.  i only have spinning reels.  so, i have no idea how they work with baitcasters.  but, the way they are set up, i would assume its no different.

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I use ram mounts, I sure like them. Rail, and flush mount in my boat.


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scottys on a rail with the elevated extension

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 I have researched it to death and I still come back to the rams. My boat isn't new so it didn't make sense to look into the rails since already had flush mounts on gunnels. But in all honesty, I do not think I will have rails as just don't like look and the getting in and out of boat. Who knows, maybe I will change on this but I haven't had issue with combo of flush and side mount. 

I have taken the normal arm for a ram and bought balls that attach to them. Then use ball ram rod holders. Gives you extension and ability to fine tune angle and height. If you get a yar I think you will like scooting rid holders toward you as it can be a long stretch to get a dead rod or simply place a rod in a holder. 

For cranking I got a ram basemount that allows me to put two rods close together with only one flush mount needed. It's okay. Has some engineering flaws but I am farmerizing them. 

In my opinion there is no fast hookset to out of rod holder than the ram. Have had Scottie's and quick draws and the rams make me the fastest gun in the west. Ha. 



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I personally run ram mounts on the rails in my Skeeter and really love the set up. With that being said these have peaked my interest though and from the on the water reviews I have seen I may look into these for my next boat. Typically these are flush mounted to the top of the deck but in this case the rails were already installed and they mounted them to the rail.  Here is a detailed review  

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I had ram2000's on my old boat.  then I tried damn near everything else and am now going back to ram 2000's.  nothing else compares for what my purposes are.


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johnr Said:
I use ram mounts, I sure like them. Rail, and flush mount in my boat.