Best Minerals for Deer

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Best Minerals for Deer

Does anyone have experience with minerals for deer? Wondering what is the best or a real good mineral to put out on some new land i purchased. I have used the mineral rocks but not sure how well they work looking for a mixture type to pour on the ground.

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 Corn , and more corn 

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Plain white salt block might not be the "Best" or "real Good" but it's all I use and the  deer never complain.   




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 I was wondering the same, I've had pretty good luck with apples and corn

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mhanson6 Said:
 Corn , and more corn 

LOL! But yeah he pretty much hit the nail on the head.


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lead n copper

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 Depending on your dirt.  Salt works great to bring deer in on certain land while on others it does not.  For horn growth I would assume a product made for deer.  Whitetail institute has good products. Db


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I would have to agree with Db, I use the below every year on one site, with good results (mainly use it to get picture of deer in area spring/summer) and have tried it on another site that has a higher deer density, less than 3 miles away and the deer will not touch it. Might be the soil as it is very gravely on the site that they will not touch it on.

I use a coffee can and mix in a 5-gallon bucket. 1 can of Di-calcium phosphate, 2 cans Trace Mineral salt and 1 can Stock salt, mixed well in 5 gallon bucket and mixed with soil in a circle about 3 feet in diameter and 6 inches deep.

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Db Said:
 Depending on your dirt.  Salt works great to bring deer in on certain land while on others it does not.  For horn growth I would assume a product made for deer.  Whitetail institute has good products. Db

              Yup, more commonly called "steroids".

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Salt is one element, if the discussion is about mineral I assume you want to provide nutrition for fawning and antler growth as well as use it as an attractant.  Salt provides little for deer.  It will attract them to a degree with varying success.  They do need it when their diet is high in potassium (in the summer) to aid in digestion.  That's about it.

Go to a local feed mill and they can mix up a super mineral for you specifically for deer.  It will attract them big time AND provide nutrient to aid in fawn and horn development.  Now (and a bit sooner) is when deer need this nutrient the most.
Selenium and a mix of other trace minerals are what deer need, salt and sweetners are what draws them to it.

I have the exact ingredients at home that I use, if your local feed mill has no clue let me know and I'll get the recipe for you.


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if you are in the red river valley like i am there is so many nutrients in the soil that many guys will not have much luck for pulling in deer with just plain minerals, the main focus would be getting your ground ready to plant some sort of a plot. so i guess the first question is what type of soil you have? and then you would go from there.

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