best choke for waterfowl

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best choke for waterfowl

i need to know the best choke for my beretta 12 ga.

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I would have to say without patterning, it would be modified. seems to hold the pattern better for steel. Best bet is to pattern the tubes, and see for youself. Each tube, shell combo can be differant.

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Depends on what your hunting. For geese I definitely recommend full choke unless you use 3 1/2 inch shells, in that case a modified is just fine, especially over decoys. For ducks, I recommned modified. Good pattern and knock down.

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Depends on what your hunting. For geese I definitely recommend full choke unless you use 3 1/2 inch shells, in that case a modified is just fine, especially over decoys. For ducks, I recommned modified. Good pattern and knock down.

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I would deffinatly recommend the Patern Master. Its sweeeet!!

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I've always wanted to try the Pattern Master. Sounds like a good choke.

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hunting over blinds for geese and ducks, where your shots are inside 30 yards, go with the patternmaster short range.. if needed for longer shots, for hunting over water at yards of over 50, go with the long distance patternmaster. i do both, so i just shoot the long distance one and would reccommend it to anyone. definitely worth a little extra cash.

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Patterning is key. I'd recommend patterning all your factory tubes first. Make sure you test out different shot sizes, each choke will pattern different shot sizes (and ranges) differently. My factory modified patterns great in my Benelli. I'd recommend the Wad Wizard and Terror chokes as well as the Carlson tubes. Carlson's are reasonably priced and pattern very well. I've worked with a Patternmaster and just didn't get the mind blowing results everyone else seemed to get. I'm using std. chokes now and couldn't be happier!

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If you are looking for an extended range choke try a carlson full choke for waterfowl. For the money it is the way to go, and you spend a lot less time chasing cripples.


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Three of us with Beretta 391's patterned them last year. We tried different chokes and used Kent Fasteel and Winchester Supremes in BBB, BB, & 1's. The Carlson extended full choke had the best pattern. Not sure what you use for shells or what model your gun is but it's a place to start.

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You should take your gun out and pattern it with the loads you plan on using. See how your factory chokes work and then go from there. Type of shells,speed,shot size all factor into how well a gun patterns. You mentioned that you have a Berreta, which one do you have? Berreta has a a few different types of barrels out. Mine is an older 390 with the Mobile choke. Briley and Carlson extended tubes have been my choice. I prefer the Briley for steel loads either in a light modified for over decoys and a Light full for pass shooting or longer range birds.

When using high density loads like Rem HD or Hevi Shot, then the Carlson Mod works the best and still allows me to shoot steel loads with reasonable patterns. But I found this out by pattern testing my gun.

I have had PM,Terror chokes and also Wad Wizards and none performed as well as these and in fact some did not do as well as my factory chokes.

Don't want to sound like a know it all, but to many people go afield without a clue how the gun they are using patterns. This results in wounded birds not recovered, or people thinking that Brand X shells are junk because they are not hitting cleanly. Knowing which shells pattern the best will result in more birds in the bag with less shells shot. Hence in the long run, lower costs of shells for the year.

Once you find a match stick with it!

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Ditto hardwater...

Visit the "Briley website" They speicalize in custom chokes and do a great job.However,benelli and beretta have done a great job improving their std chokes,longer tubes and more open constriction to help put more pellets in the kill zone,like HW I shoot 100% Hevi Shot thru benelli's Modified choke,duces pattern the best beyond 45yds for my gun.

Older model guns with "invector" or "invector plus" chokes,you might want to consider a aftermarket choke for better performance in the field.

My .02

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to drive the point home about knowning what you gun does I will tell you my story. In my Benelli M1 I use to use the factory modified and improved with decent results back in the day when 1450 fps shells were considered fast. After hunting with a friend from IL I was convinced that I needed a Pattermaster. I bought one and found that shooting federal 1 1/4 twos at 1450 fps my pattern could not be beat. I was swatting cripples consistantly at 60 - 70 on the water with the tightest pattern you could imagine. I found myself waiting for ducks to peel out, when hunting with a group of guys, and picking off drakes that they drop a leg on or hit and didn't kill. THen it happened. I couldn't find the 1 1/4oz 1450 shell anymore. Manufactures went to the 1 1/8 1550 fps shell. My pattern opened up and found that the patternmaster was no longer as effective as it was. It still shoots better than my factory choke but the good old days are gone. As a side note, I have gone to loading my own steel and each recipie that I have is very picky as to which choke I use. Also if you do go to a aftermarket tight choke be prepared to miss many birds that are in close. You have to be right on at short distances. Sometimes I feel that I might as well just throw the first shell on the floor of the boat!!

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