Best 3/4 Ton Truck Choice

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Best 3/4 Ton Truck Choice

Long story short, my dad was planning on buying a 3/4 ton truck to pull a 25ft goose neck trailer and a 18 ft Lund behind it and he just recently has run into bad health and lost his job to his conditions. Anyway we have been pulling it with a 99 Dodge 1500 extended cab and it works its but off pulling it.  Anyway I am looking for advice on the best 3/4 with the least amount of problems 2007 - 2011 truck.  Diesel preferred and a crew cab.  I am a Ford guy and my Dad is a Dodge guy.  That being said I know that some of the F250 Fords have had some major problems and don't want to deal with that.  I am going to buy it is longer an option for him and I just want to get something that has the power to pull it and will hopefully give me the least amount of grief.  It will be a daily driver.  Thanks in advance for the advice.

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it'll depend upon if you want a manual transmission or not

the most reliable option would be a manual dodge with the cummins
the most comfortable would be a duramax with the allison transmission

either will do the pulling just fine for the load you are looking at

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 I agree with jjs411 all the way around.  Just watch out for the 2007.5 Didge with the 6.7 Cummins.  Its a great motor but there were some emissions issues that year that led to issues.


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Auto Trans preferred.  Thanks for the advice!

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 Pre '07 there was no DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and mileage will be better than the '07-'10 trucks from every manufacturer.  Starting in '11 Chevy and Ford added their Urea (DEF, Diesel Exhaust Fluid) systems and mileage is as good or better than the '06 and older trucks.  '11 Chevy's had trouble with the urea tank and freezing fluid which I believe they fixed in '12 and new vehicles.  Anything you can find starting with the 7.3L Ford, 6.6L Chevy, 5.9L Dodge and newer will pull the load you're suggesting with little trouble.

If I had to use it as a daily driver, I'd be looking for a pre-DPF rig.  Not getting a DPF equipped rig up to temp on each and every drive is a recipe for lots of nagging problems, just my opinion.  If a guy lived a little way out of town and/or had a 30+ min actual driving time drive each day then a DPF rig would bother me a lot less.

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anything in that year range I'd only own the dodge.  the chassis sucks but it's alot cheaper to fix than the engines in the other two.  and if you don't abuse it the chassis may hold up half way decent.


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06 Dodge diesel is hard to beat


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 The 2011 f-250 with the 6.7 liter will do good for you, good mileage, plenty of power, I have had two of them and no problems with either.  The only problem I know of is they don't like chips so keep it stock, there is more then enough there anyway.

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Hi, I am selling my 07 Dodge, one ton dually 5.9 diesel.  Only 46,000 miles, and looks like new.  Only used to haul a pickup camper...........Wrangler