Benelli .270 WSM

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Benelli .270 WSM

I picked up a Benelli 270 WSM from Scheels last fall during their end of product sale.  I just got around to putting optics on as it still hasn't been fired!

Before I buy a $40/box of shells I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions/experiences from this gun.  It will primarly be used for ND Whitetail and antelope tags when I get them.

130gr bullet seems to be the norm - any brand suggestions?

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vman - I'm in the same boat as you. I got a Tikka T3 270WSM for Christmas and it hasn't been shot yet either. I'm still picking out a scope. I better get around to that, as well as ammo selection. Good timing on the post. Anyone?

Jared Schillinger

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For factory ammo, I would suggest the standard blue box Federal Ammunition.
 Winchester doesn't make half bad ammunition either.

Both are relitively cheap, and reliable... and unless your going after a trophy elk, IMO you DON'T need a premium projectile.

Handloading- obviously a different scenario...... I handload for all of my weapons, excluding the 2506. I don't shoot that rifle enough to warrant the extra cost of brass and bullets... that thing hasnt gotten 28 rounds thru it since I bought it last december.

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i have a weatherby 270 WSM and i love it. i have had it for 4 years now and will never sell it. i ususally shoot winchester accubonds, failsafes, or if they have nothing else, ballistic tips. nothing wrong with federal ammuntion either. i got a screamin deal at the outdoorsman in fargo last fall. they had failsafes marked down from 40 to 20 a box. and i got a 15 dollar mail in rebate if i bought 2 boxes. so they only cost me 12.50 a box. i wish i would have had the money, i would have bought a case at 20 a box.

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I have a 270 WSM Tikka, so do a few buddies.
We all shoot 130 gr Federal Fusions. they do make a 150 gr too.

Chad Maloy