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Trout Stocked in North Dakota Waters

North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel are in the process of stocking roughly 59,000 rainbow trout in more than 55 waters statewide.

Jerry Weigel, fisheries production and development supervisor, said stocking efforts of the 10-14 inch trout will be completed by May 21. Included are 3,900 1-to-3 pound rainbows from state hatcheries in Wyoming.

In addition to the Turtle and Missouri rivers, counties with fishing waters receiving trout are:

• Adams – North Lemmon, Balke
• Barnes – Blumers Pond, Hatchery Kids Pond, Moon Lake
• Bottineau – Strawberry Lake
• Bowman – Lutz Dam, Holocek Dam
• Burke – Northgate Dam
• Burleigh – McDowell Dam, Owls Pond, Wilton City Pond, Cottonwood Park Pond
• Cass – North Woodhaven Pond
• Cavalier – Langdon City Pond
• Divide – Baukol-Noonan Dam, Baukol-Noonan East Mine Pond
• Golden Valley – Beach City Pond, Camels Hump Lake
• Grand Forks – Ryan Park Pond
• Grant – Raleigh Reservoir, Sheep Creek Dam
• Hettinger – Castle Rock Dam, Mott Watershed
• McIntosh – Blumhardt Dam
• McKenzie – Sather Dam, Watford City Park Pond, Leland Pond
• McLean – Custer Mine, Lightning Lake, Riverdale City Pond
• Mercer – Harmony Lake
• Morton – Crown Butte Dam, Fish Creek Dam, Gaebe Pond, Harmon Lake, Nygren Dam, Porsborg Dam
• Mountrail – Stanley Pond
• Oliver – Sportsmen’s Pond
• Renville – Glenburn Pond
• Richland – Mooreton Pond
• Rolette – Hooker Lake
• Slope – Davis Dam
• Stark – Dickinson Dike, Belfield Pond, Slater Pond
• Ward – State Fair Pond, Velva Sportsmen’s Pond
• Williams – Iverson Dam, Kettle Lake, Kota-Ray Dam, McGregor Dam, Williston East and West Spring Lake Ponds

To find out more about North Dakota trout lakes, contact your local Game and Fish Department office, or visit the fishing link at the department’s website,
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Posted On: 05/13/2010 11:31 AM
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by on 05/18/2010 2:29 PM | Reply #1 "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |
Just caught one of these little guys at Mcdowell on Sunday, can't wait until they mature.

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