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Keep your feet warm with dollar store materials

Our feet are one of the hardest things to heat but with this easy trick you can keep your feet warm all winter long.

There are hundreds of options of products designed specifically to keep your feet warm in winter. These products range from just a few dollars all the way up to, “You paid what for that?” The quality and usefulness can be ranked on a comparable scale. But we’ve actually found one easy trick to keep your feet warm all winter that will cost you just pennies and can actually make a difference.

North Dakota Jumbo Perch

When we look at catching jumbo perch through the ice, I dare say that we typically catch ninety percent of the fish in a ten percent window. Perch fishing on most bodies of water consists of drilling holes to get on fish and getting that one or two flurries that fills the pail. You can go from zero to hero in about twenty minutes when you finally strike pay dirt.

Our Outdoors: Don

“Man, I wish it was summer,” my brother said to me as we tried to trigger a bite from the lethargic mid-winter bluegills lurking beneath our ice holes.

“Nah, you can’t wish these days away,” I responded, “I know it’s tough not to do it with the wind and the cold, but these days serve a purpose too,” I concluded.

May Fishing on Devils Lake

For the first time in memory, two dramatic weather occurrences – no incoming water and early ice out – will produce “hot” May fishing in Devils Lake. North Dakota fishing experts and guides felt this historical spring will mean May 1 could start the best month of fishing on record.

Catch Walleyes with Jigs

Most people who spend some time fishing have a comfort zone. Most anglers have a favorite lake, favorite tactic, favorite lure, favorite spot, etc. The old saying that there are many ways to skin a cat applies to fishing. When we look at just walleye fishing with jigs, there are a lot of different opinions, situations, applications and uses. Is there a correct or wrong way to fish a jig? Never say never with fishing and never say always. There are many ways to skin the cat and the more ways you can learn, the more walleyes you will catch this season.

Using Cameras of Ice Fishing

The education we get from being able to watch our presentation and watching how fish respond is invaluable. Having the mental picture of how the presentation or lure looks in the water, how the fish approach the lure and what actions caused particular reactions from the fish sets some anglers apart. Anglers who have this education have a huge advantage. There are several ways to get this education. When I was a kid, I would lay on the ice with my jacket pulled over my head so I could look down the hole.

Hard-water Whopper Walleye Part 2; Excursion time.

First ice on the Red River offers some great action if you’re willing to be patient. In part 1 I talked about bait selection, depth, tackle, and the importance of having a sonar. Now it’s time to put all those to use. So get some fathead minnows, small suckers, XXL size suckers and let’s go fishing!


Pike grow big in Minnesota’s Upper Red Lake, where Jonny Petrowske and his family have been outfitting hunters and fishermen for four generations. From the time Upper Red freezes each winter (usually in early December) through the end of February, these big toothy predators are a major attraction both to Jonny P, as Petrowske is best known, and to visiting anglers.

FishingBuddy.COM Record Traffic for 5th Year Straight

FishingBuddy.COM, part of the Total Outdoor Network, Inc., is one of largest targeted hunting and fishing websites in the Midwest achieving a record 435,000+ monthly visits during the month of December, 2011 and still growing. This is the 5th consecutive year of record traffic numbers achieved by the Total Outdoor Network, Inc. and has seen a 66% increase in unique visitors from just five years ago.  

Hard-water Whopper Red River Walleye Part 1

The time is almost upon us for some Red River “Sumo” Greenbacks through the ice. No, I’m not talking about Selkirk, Manitoba I’m talking right here in the great state of ND! No passports required, no dealing with Customs, no bait restrictions.

When safety is no longer an issue and I can walk on a good 12 inches of solid ice (everywhere on the river) that’s when the fun begins for me. Whether you’re a veteran or rookie, here are some helpful tips to increase your success.


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