Any reloaders?

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Any reloaders?

~~I have a question for you guys that reload the 6.5 Creedmoor. Have you noticed a change in the Hornady brass?
 The first brass I bought two years ago showed annealing, but the newer brass does not. I had gone from under .2 inches to .5 inches with my rifle. I called Hornady and they said people like shinny brass so they polish after annealing now.
 I had miced the neck of my first brass and it was excellent with a consistent .014 all the way around. I miced the new brass and they range from .0125 to .0155 on the same piece of brass. I had the Hornady concentric gauge which said I was under .005 runout. So I started wondering about the back end of those cases in the Hornady concentric gauge. A couple weeks ago I purchased a RCBS Case Master. It says I range from .002 to .011 runout. My 308 ranges from .008 to .018. So I sized a case and checked for neck runout. Yup, .002 to .009. So I checked a fired case, and that was .000 to .001. Then I turned a neck. That didn't help because the neck was already off center.
 It looks like I will have to fire all my cases, then turn before I size. So after that I will use the new dies I got two days ago.
 If this works out I think I will retire my Redding 308 dies and purchase another set of the RCBS Gold Medal Match.
 Oh, I pulled the bullet on a factory Hornady precision hunter round. .013 all the way around. It's like they have better brass for themselves. Not sure.
 If you wouldn't mind would a couple of you give me the neck diameter of your loaded rounds. I noticed when I pulled my bullets on the rounds that miced more than .005 out of concentricity that I had to pound four hard strokes with the centrifugal bullet puller. I tried a factory and two whacks brought the bullet out.
 I noticed their neck size of a loaded round was .0015 smaller than my loaded rounds. I ordered a .287, .288, and .289 bushing for sizing the neck. Only got the .289 so far and I think it's a little loose. They said order one size smaller and one size larger than your target size.
 My loaded necks were .291 while the Hornady were .2895. What's your 6.5 Creedmoor neck size?

 Edit: The Hornady factory 143 ELD-X shoots just like my old groups at under .2 inches. So happy my rifle is ok, but I need to solve my reloading problem. Perhaps that's going to require a different brand of brass.