89 year old Dad has a Cow Elk Tag

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89 year old Dad has a Cow Elk Tag

My Dad got a Cow Elk Tag this year in Unit E2.  This Unit is basically north of Interstate 94.  The area around Watford City and Killdeer.  If anyone has land we could hunt or suggestions of where to look for a cow elk it would be appreciated.

My Dad still gets around good for age 89,  he can walk a few miles a day and is still a good shot with his rifle.  I welcome any suggestions and input.  Thanks, Dan 701-400-9758.  You can post replies here or call or text me.



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Davis Schmidt
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That's awesome, I hope you guys find a good one!

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Dean Nelson
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Easiest tag to draw hardest to fill. Used to have a good spot for them but a new oil road pushed them out of that spot so probably going to take some serious time on the glass.

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Glad to hear your Dad drew an elk tag.

Hope he can fill it and i wish him all the luck in the world.  Glad he is still able to do it.

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