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338 Win Mag...

I just picked up a 338 Win Mag thinking I needed something bigger than my 7mm remington mags, just in case grizzly bears invade North Dakota...honestly, I'm a gun nut and having no experience with any cartridge bigger than the 7 mags, I thought this might be a fun project. I didnt take into consideratioin the hellacious amount of recoil that will be coming out of that rifle. I dont want a muzzle break, so the only solution I can come up with is a Sims recoil pad. I also reload, so I thought about trying the 180gr accubonds or 160gr barnes bullets. What are everyones thoughts on this cartridge? Thanks fellas

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miller i bought one for my moose hunt this past fall. I shoot a 210 nosler partition out of it and it is an amazing cartridge. I shot my moose twice but really i only needed the one. Both were in the lungs and upon the second the moose dropped like a stone. I had better luck with the 200 -225 grn bullets for accuracy and recoil. 250 was too much for me and and i found the lighter bullets were not as accurate. I bought a browning with the boss and i have had no problems with recoil, even with the boss cr. Great gun great cartridge have fun.

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I put my graduation money together with a little more I scraped together and bought a Remington BDL ss in 338. that was 15 years ago. I have been shooting 225 grain partitions and x bullets. 72 grains of H4831, my best accuracy with that load comes with Hornady flat base bullets. So far it has shot 2 moose. I guess for recoil off the bench with a bipod I haven't had too many problems. I think a lot of it is how the rifle is designed and how shooters react to recoil. If you are a little sensitive in the recoil department get a sled bed. Out in the field the blood is pumping a little more and from my experience I have never felt the recoil of a rifle.
I too am a gun nut and have been getting the itch for a 375. Haven't pulled the trigger on that one yet. I guess I need the right one at the right price?

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Heres a little from experience...Hope it helps

I myself have the .338 browning without a boss. It is a banshee! Kicks like an angry mule, especially on the bench. My dad has a Ruger and his is tame compared to mind. First off, get yourself the limbsaver (sims) recoil pad. I can actually put 10 through it now without feeling like I was in a boxing match.

As for the load, like shouth paw 210 gr partition definately works the best out of my gun. It has the best groupings out of all that I have tried. I loaded a light barnes (175 gr) years ago with my dad and that failed miserably. We thought it would be a great deer load but neither of us could get it to group worth a hoot, I'm talking if you could hit an 8X11 sheet of paper with three shots at 100 yds you were lucky. Lots of time and energy wasted on that load! I have shot the 250s, 225s and others but the 210s definately grouped the best. The load is 71.0 gr of IMR 4350 and i'm getting 2925 velocity at the muzzle. (I actually loaded down on powder several times because it seemed to help the groupings for that bullet weight in my rifle). They did very well even out to 500yds. This is my load of choice and performed unbelievable on moose, elk and african game. The new barnes TSX maybe a good substitute as well but I have yet to put them through my .338. They work well in my .25 but I figure don't fix it if it ain't broke!

Don't forget, the recoil pad is key! This is important especially with the brownings.

As for the .375 (ruger) Fcon, I bought one myself and am anxiously awaiting trial on it. 300 gr TSX and .300 gr solids. Gonna be fun on the bench i'm sure! ;)

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I have a Tikka 338 WM, it is light and with 225s or 250s it is not much fun to shoot. There is absolutely no reason to use bullets that heavy out of this gun for mid range shooting at any game in north america. If you are reloading and intend on using it for non dangerous game, (elk, moose, etc)160TTSX or 185 TSX and varget are a great combo. If you are going after something like bear, grab 210 TSX or NP's and you will be very happy.

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I'd sooner shoot the 375H&H off the bench than a .338 given similar rifles/weights etc, especially with heavy bullets. The .338 with 225-250gn bullets loaded to their full potential has a recoil that's well beyond a 7Rem or a 300Win.

For any rifle that has enough recoil to make the shooter uncomfortable an upgraded recoil pad and something like a lead-sled or a Benchmaster soaks up a ton of recoil and keeps the shooter shooting with good form.

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Looked @ the 35 Whelen I ordered yesterday...
the thing is LIGHT compared to any other weapon I have( It's a Ruger Hawkeye blued/walnut)- 7.5 lbs my @).... lol.
The plus to thw whole thing is the trigger... I have NEVER seen a Ruger Factory trigger THAT good. It broke @ around 3.5-4lbs, like glass.

Bailing that out and a Browning 22 pistol next month.
Still have to get all the workings for the 35 whelen, and an optic...

Overall, I doubt it's going to be a "bronco buster" like the 338 win or a 375 H&H...

Ive shot both of those many times, and overall... the 338 has more of a snap to it than the bigger bores do.
After 35 cal, I swear it's almost a push rather than a "punch".

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I shoot a 338 mag Tikka rifle. I would say it is my favorite gun. I have tried many factory loads and have found the 210 grain nosler to be the most accurate out of my rifle. I also have a slip on sims pad on my rifle and I don't believe that it kicks any more than my 280 ruger with a factory pad. I would shoot this 338 over any 300 mag or ultra that you hand me. Get used to the gun, shoot less rounds but more often and enjoy filling the freezer.

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PIGSTICKER you are still like i remember you. Whenever i went into scheels and you sold me a gun or i was looking at one you always had one and liked it just like a normal salesman would tell you. Just kidding you should remember me you always had a way of selling me $hit. Just think my wife bought guns from you for me. Nice talking to you again we are moving the rig back you new town so see you at the scenic soon.

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My number one Ruger fan! Hows that rangefinder treating you. Once a salesman, always a salesman! LOL! Well, good to hear from you. See you at the Scenic sometime even though you should be workin instead of drinkin beer! haha. Later bud!

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have been shooting a 338 win mag for over 25 years and if you are concerned about recoil i would suggest the 180gr ttsx barnes  it will give exellent volocity and down range performace, it will work well on deer and bear. but if you are going after elk  than i would load it with either the 210 or the 225 barnes ttsx bullets  enjoy it is a great caliber to shoot and load try reloader 19 and varget powders


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180gr ttsx barnes  out of that gun will kill anything on this planet,  wicked wicked round out of that .338 . as  is the 200 gr


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I have a Browning Bar 338. It is the only gun I use on big game it. I bought it new in 1985.  I have shot javalin, elk, couses deer, whitetails, mulies, caribou, and bears with it. I only shoot 1 load out of it.
I had to experiment alot with loads to find one that was accurate. I found the Hornady 225 sp- remington brass-with 74 grs of IMR 4350-Winchester primers was the load for the gun.

Mine doesn't kick to bad as the gas takes some of the recoil. Its a beast.