300wsm ammo choice for elk

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300wsm ammo choice for elk

What type of ammo and gr.would be the best for elk in 300wsm?

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I haven't had mine out elk hunting but I know that the 180 grain winchester supreme would be more than enough to hammer a 8X8 bull...haha  Good Luck!!!  I forgot to sign my name on my App so mine got rejected this year...boo hoo

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Barnes Triple Shock  168 grain is a good choice.  Flat shooting, great performance.

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I am still trying to figure out why anyone has needed to shoot a bullet other than a partition on North American big game for the last 30 years.

180 gr. partition will perform every time.

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If you're shooting factory loads, I highly recommend Fusion.  And OOR is damn right.

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Were it mine I'd run a 168TSX, but everyone knew that already (grin).

I've taken dozens of critters with partitions mostly deer but throw a couple elk in there as well, and dozens more with TSX's (including two more elk and a black bear).  I much prefer the TSX.  For me it's been more accurate in every rifle I used to shoot partitions or ballistic tips in.  The more impressive part, at least to me is the consistancy of entrance/exit wounds and the channel between them.  A 200gn bullet from a 300win @ 50yds leaves the same wound channel as an 85gn bullet from a 243 @ 200yds, or a 140gn bullet from a 270 @ 500yds.  You can run them warp 9, approaching 3700fps, or poke them along @ 3000fps and know that the performance, entrance/exit and the wound channel between, is going to be the same.

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What I usually do is look at the box.  If I like the way it looks and it has a picture of an elk on it I usually roll with it......

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I shoot a 300 remington ultra mag and this year I am loading the new Hornady 165 grain GMX bullet for my Oregon elk hunt. I cannot find any bad reviews on this non-lead bullet. It retains about 95% of its original weight after going through an animal and during testing it went 30 inches into ballistics gel according to the review in the August issue of American Hunter.

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I shoot a .300 Win. Mag (original version).  There are many good controlled-expansion bullets to choose from.  I'd say pick any one of them from 165 grains and up that shoot well in your rifle and you have confidence in.  Good Luck and Enjoy Your Hunt!!

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I've shot mine with 180 gr barnes X bullets. Great bullet! Dropped both within spitting distance of where they were hit! Many good bullet out there that are heavy enough for elk! Just make sure they shoot well in your rifle and that your up to do your part! Other questions would be; Will you be in grizzly country? Multiple species hunt? Terrian? Can you handle recoil? etc........

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180 accu bond -- -works good on the paper target ---- I will let you know how it works on flesh--  if I can get one

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