2016 FishingBuddy.com Girls Calendar Models

Ms. January - Kelsey

Favorite things: Watching football, being outside on the river, taking my dog for walks and shopping!

Ms. February - Karly

Favorite things: Fishing, writing, eating, reading and hanging out with my nieces and nephews.

Ms. March - Erica

Favorite things: I love to read!  Running and science are what I do best!  I'm a free spirit at heart and I can shop til I drop while taking shots of Crown.

Ms. April - Brittany

Favorite things: Fishing, shopping, reading, hiding and traveling.

Ms. May - Lexi

Favorite things: Spending time with my friends and family, snuggling with my dog, traveling and shopping!

Ms. June - Chandal

Favorite things: Riding horse, shooting and writing poetry.

Ms. July - Kendra

Favorite things: Sports, outdoors, the gym, Harry Potter, Ohio State football, family and faith.

Ms. August - Brenna

Favorite things: Volleyball, golfing, shopping, Pittsburgh Steelers, french toast, One Tree Hill TV Series.

Ms. September - Sheree

Favorite things: Fishing, camping, riding four wheeler, boating, drinking beer, anything that has to do with being outside.

Ms. October - Kayla

Favorite things: Anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, horse riding, singing and hard work.  A little blood, sweat and dirt never killed anyone!

Ms. November - Alyssa

Favorite things: Fishing, running lions with hounds and snowboarding.

Ms. December - Destiny

Favorite things: Fishing, camping, photography, the outdoors and getting my hands dirty.