2005 14 foot plus V toy hauler fish house for sale - $5600

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2005 14 foot plus V toy hauler fish house for sale - $5600
14 foot plus V United toy hauler fish house for sale - $5600
Purchased brand new in 2005, fully insulated United trailer which was professionally convert to a torsion drop axle for ice fishing.  Trailer was ordered directly from United with front cabinets installed by the factory.
Trailer has performed very well; rear ramp door is plenty big to load full sized atv’s / sleds / portable fish houses.  Trailer tows great due to full sized tires and having the axle conversion done by a trailer shop.
Trailer can be used as both a fish house and an enclosed trailer due to the large rear ramp.
Details of the rig
-          6 ½ x 14 plus V
-          Tongue weight;
empty 1 guy can lift it but it’s difficult I would estimate ~170lbs
if you put 250lbs at the rear of the trailer (2 tanks and 2 batteries) the tongue is significantly easier to lift I’d estimate ~100lbs
-          Full rear ramp door; 63 ¾ inch wide by 74 inch tall
-          6 ½ foot interior height
-          146 inch deep by 68 ½ inch wide cargo space
-          Smooth lapped exterior aluminum sheeting; walls and roof
-          Aluminum counter and cupboards in front
-          2 burner propane cooktop
-          16,000 btu forced air furnace
o   12 volt Atwood 7916-II which draws only 2.9 amp
-          20,000 btu wall mounted non electric heater; Empire Blue Flame
-          Led hole lights for each hole
-          4 holes with catch covers (room to add 2 more)
-          Spray foam floor insulation
-          wired for 12 volt (3 ceiling lights, 4 ice hole lights, light switches on wall)
-          110 volt generator receptacle on outside of trailer
-          full sized tires (30.5 / 9.5 / R15 Goodyear GSA’s)
-          rubber backed commercial carpet
-          2005 model year
-          Electric tongue lift
-          Includes one 12 volt battery

Call or text Jeff at 701-371-9988

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